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:-  Shiva Agro Code of Conducts  Click Here.

:-  Composition of Various Committees of Board of Directors.  Click Here.

:-  Whistle Blower Policy  Click Here.

:-  Policy on Related Party Transactions  Click Here.

:-  Policy on Material Subsidiaries  Click Here.

:-  Code of Corporate Disclosure Practices  Click Here.

:-  Policy on Determination of Materiality for Disclosures  Click Here.

:-  Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors  Click Here.

:-  Familiarization Program for Independent Directors  Click Here.

:-  Corporate Governance Report for the Quarter ended Sep 30, 2020  Click Here.

:-  Remuneration Policy 2020  Click Here.

:-  Safety, Health and Environment Policy  Click Here.

Shiva Agro

Shiva Global Agro Industries is a fast-growing, research-led agriculture company. An emerging leader in the agro products domain, we manufacture fertilizers, soil and crop health products, Oil, de-oiled cakes (DOC) and hybrid seed varieties.



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