Research & Development

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy and there is a need for the all-round development of this segment to increase the country’s GDP. Improved varieties and hybrids have made a significant contribution in accelerating the Cumulative Agricultural Growth Rate (CAGR). Hence crop improvement research, both in the public and private sector, assumes great significance for the economic growth and development of Indian farmers.

The Indian seed industry in the private sector has contributed 76 percent in the seed business by developing and supplying quality seed of a number of varieties and hybrids using new and powerful technologies that have been accepted and adopted by the country’s farming community.

Kirtiman Agro Genetics Limited, a technology-driven company, has been servicing Indian agriculture since February 2008 with a vision to develop and meet niche product requirements of farmers by using applied and basic research and biotechnological approaches in seed, plant nutrition, soil health, herbal and natural consumer products.

Kirtiman’s seed division R&D department works with the major objective to develop new varieties and hybrids with:

* Resistance to biotic (diseases and pests) and a biotic (draught, salinity etc.) stresses
* Higher quality of the produce to be globally competitive.

The focused crops for the research and seed business include Cotton, Maize, Paddy, Pearl Millet, Soybean, Sunflower, Mustard, Vegetables (Okra, chillies, tomato, gourds), Pulses (Pigeon Pea etc.), Wheat, Groundnut, Rabi and Forage


Innovations in R&D

* Focused breeding projects with well defined objectives and time frame for launching the products.
* Biotechnology with special focus on transgenic products as the main future research thrust.
* Well qualified, experienced and nationally known team of breeders and researchers.
* Strong backup of the infrastructure and germplasm in gene bank with required traits for heritable crop improvement.
* Strong liaison and tie-up with SAUs and ICAR Institutes

Infrastructure in R&D

An excellent infrastructure required for field and lab research and testing has been created. It includes:

* Research farms of 17 acres with different soil types and perennial irrigation facilities.
* Polyhouses with temperature and humidity auto-control.
* A well-equipped Seed Testing Laboratory.
* A Molecular and Biotech lab with all the required instruments and facilities.
* Field-testing laboratories for research and screening in the Entomology, Pathology, Seed Processing etc disciplines.
* Facilities for Bioassay and Insect Rearing to assist biotech research.


The company has launched the following products, either adopted or owned on royalty basis, in the market. These include:


Shiva Agro

Shiva Global Agro Industries is a fast-growing, research-led agriculture company. An emerging leader in the agro products domain, we manufacture fertilizers, soil and crop health products, Oil, de-oiled cakes (DOC) and hybrid seed varieties.


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