Kirtiman Agro Genetics Ltd.

Kirtiman Agro Genetics Ltd., incorporated in Feb-2008, is a Public Ltd. company promoted by the Shiva Group that produces and develops seeds for high-yielding crops.

Quality is ensured by observing high quality standards in fields, followed by testing in a Quality Assurance Lab. The company is keeping its option open to work as a Production Alliance Partner for selected Multinational Companies and Institutions so as to make available good quality products to the farming community. The company is building a strong marketing team with an all-India presence and planning to go global in the future. Kirtiman is committed to provide quality nutrition products for the betterment of crop and soil health.

The subsidiary’s business interests revolve around seed, crop nutrition products, Water Soluble Fertilizers, herbal plants and agri-retail. The company has so far focused on developing and producing seeds for crops like cotton, maize, bajra, pulses, oil seeds and vegetables.

The subsidiary has a dedicated research centre that develops and tests the gene pool (germplasm) of the seeds of various crops and vegetables. While our research center at Aurangabad in Maharashtra are dedicated to the development of various seed varieties.

Our Achievements

With more products being added to our pipeline for development of hybrid seeds, Shiva Global Agro Industries is set to revolutionize the hybrid seeds market through its cutting-edge research in the near future:

* KAGL developed and commercialized 39 research products in the last two years.

* 29 new products, including 20 for field crops and 9 for vegetables are in the pipeline and would be commercialized in two years

* Bt Cotton Research forms a major part of our research. Three Bollgard-II Cotton research hybrids – Kirtiman Mahasamrat-8152, Kirtiman Mahesh-904 and Kirtiman Mahabalwan-932 are in State Agriculture Universities (SAU) testing.

* Currently, two Bollgard-II cotton hybrids have been shortlisted after intensive testing and are being co-marketed under the brand names Kirtiman Mahabali and Kirtiman Mahasamrat

* While our research specializes in paddy and cotton, potential products under development for marketing consist of maize, bajra, wheat, soybean, sunflower, pigeon pea, black gram, fodder sorghum, okra, capsicum, radish, coriander, chilli and spinach

* We are strengthening our germplasm base with wider genetic diversity among different gene pool lines. This will serve as the basis for development of new varieties and hybrids by combining their unique characteristics

* Achived turnover of Rs. 29.29 Cr in 2015-16.

Shiva Agro

Shiva Global Agro Industries is a fast-growing, research-led agriculture company. An emerging leader in the agro products domain, we manufacture fertilizers, soil and crop health products, Oil, de-oiled cakes (DOC) and hybrid seed varieties.


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