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Shiva Global Agro Industries is a values driven company. We believe that values help us to stay focused on achieving our future goals. Five core values govern the way we conduct business at Shiva Global Agro Industries.

Shiva Global Agro Industries aims to be the leader in the seeds and fertilizers market in India while preserving the natural nutrients in the soil and playing a vital role in meeting the ever-growing food demand in the country. We remain committed to the overall growth and development of our organization.

Safety First

We believe in providing a safe working environment to our people as they are our most valuable resource.

Concern for the Environment

We remain committed to preserve the natural nutrient in the soil and to maintain environment friendly atmosphere not only in and around our plant but also to leave behind a healthy environment for future generations.

Range of innovations

We believe in providing premium quality products to our customers. We are a research-based organization with a team of eminent scientists constantly innovating and upgrading our range of products.

Focus on results

We are a result-oriented company and understand the ever-changing demands of our customers. Our focus continues to remain providing a joyful experience to our customers by manufacturing world-class products and to our investors by ensuring superior shareholder value.

Corporate Responsibility

We believe in being sensitive to the needs of our customers, employees and the environment. It is our endeavor to make a positive contribution to the larger community.