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Solvent Extraction


The edible oil market in India is characterized by favorable demographics and high domestic consumption. Arguably, it is one of the most under-penetrated markets, even though it is estimated to grow by 7-8% this year. Our subsidiaries Shiva Parvati Poultry Feed and Shrinivasa Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. produce edible and non-edible oil to cater to this growing demand.

While Shiva Parvati Poultry Feed was incorporated in 2004, Shrinivasa Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. commenced production in 2009. These subsidiaries offer soybean and sunflower seed oil for food consumption as well as de-oiled cake for cattle and poultry feed. Both units have installed the latest technology to maximize efficiency in production.

We are associated with two solvent extraction plants with massive capacity producing 1,80,000 tonnes of soybean oil in Hingoli and neighboring districts. Our plant in Nanded is also strategically located as transportation of de-oil cake from Nanded to the southern states, where a majority of Poultry units are located, is easy.

We plan to expand our capacity and set up a new refinery at Nanded and Hingoli to cater to the growing demand for edible oil.