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Fertilizers are a key to sustainable development of agriculture. Manufacturing fertilizers has been a core activity of Shiva Global Agro Industries since we began our operations in 1993. And now our subsidiary Ghatprabha Fertilizers supplements key production areas manufacturing NPK Mix fertilizers and soil-health products.

The introduction of the nutrient-based subsidy (NBS) and an increase in investment in food production has led us to enhance our capacity for SSP production from 90,000 MT to 1,20,000 MT annually. Besides our manufacturing facilities in Nanded and Karad in Maharashtra and Raibagh in Belgaum (Karnataka) have helped us build a strong distributor network in the last year.

With India importing most of the raw material to make fertilizers the cost to make fertilizers is increasing. So in a bid to enhance our capacity, while remaining cost-effective to end users, we have launched a backward-integration project in rock phosphates - a key ingredient in fertilizers.

The ability to manufacture our own raw material helps us to remain cost-effective for the end user in the long run and also enables us to introduce innovative products at differential prices to meet the specific needs of farmers.

The company has facilities to manufacture the following range of product

Single Super Phosphate

SSP is a straight phosphatic multi-nutrient fertilizer which contains 16% water soluble P2O5, 12% sulphur, 21% calcium and some other essential micro nutrients in small proportions. SSP, which is a poor farmer's fertilizer (price-wise), is an option to optimise the use of phosphatic fertilizers. It also helps to treat sulphur deficiency in soils (40% Indian soil sulphur deficient) as well for further enhancement of yields at the least cost. In various crops, which require more of sulphur and phosphate like oilseeds, pulses, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables, tea etc, SSP is an essential fertilizer.

Granulated Single Super Phosphate

The company is also manufacturing GSSP (Granulated SSP) suitable for use in mechanized farming. Granulated Single Super Phosphate Plant Granulated Single Super Phosphate (GSSP) is manufactured by feeding SSP powder to the rotating Granulator drum the powder SSP is mixed with water which results in formation of granules from powder. The granules then discharged to the rotary dryer drum. The material comes from dryer are cooled in cooler drum. After cooling of the granules, granules are sending to the vibrating screened for desired mesh and packed in 50 kg HDPE bags for sale as GSSP.

NPK (Mixed Fertilizer)

NPK Mix Fertilizers – It has slow releasing nature and remains in the field for long time. It is tailor made as per soil and is crop specific.

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