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Shiva Parvati Poultry Feed Pvt. Ltd.

Shiva Parvati Poultry Feed Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2004 with the objective of manufacturing edible and non-edible oils along with poultry feed. The subsidiary operates a solvent extraction plant for soya bean seeds and sunflower cake. The commercial operations of this plant commenced in December 2004.

The raw material for the products manufactured at Shiva Parvati Poultry Feed are cultivated and procured directly from farmers and from the open market. The finished products are edible oil for human consumption and de-oiled cake used as cattle and poultry feed. Our de-oiled cakes have also gained good attention in the export market.

Company achieved turnover of Rs. ​12,549.20 Lacs in the financial year 2021-22​​​.